Welcome to the High Desert Ecomm Group Inc. ,

Our membership is based mainly of members of people located primarily in the High Desert of the Antelope Valley in the northern edge of Los Angeles county.

We exist to support local communities with Amateur Radio Communications in the event of an emergency. We are a group of volunteers that have pooled our resources and expertise to accomplish this task. We as such will work with any government or private entity with the purpose of  supporting the local community both during  an emergency as well as in preparedness drills for such events.

One of the things that has is evident is that in the event of a major disaster  or emergency is that we as a community must pool our resources and talents in order to overcome and provide aid and services to those in need. We can not be complacent that certain services will always be available all the time.  Services such as gas, water, electricity and communications have the potential to fail at sometime.  Some or all of these services may be disrupted so we must plan for there potential failure and plan with multiple layers of redundancy in mind when possible.

We focus on communications, Amateur Radio Communications (HAM Radio) to be specific. This type of communication has evolved quite a bit over the last 140 years. We have many methods and frequencies to get the message out CW, VHF, UHF, HF, Micro Wave. It consist of digital and voice, Point to Point, Repeater Based, Radio Mail Servers, Packet. Many of our members have there equipment powered by Solar methods, taking the need for local electric power out of the equation. We are a 501c3 charity as of September 2015.

Our members live by the ARRL mantra “When All Else Fails“, our objective is to get the message out with accuracy under extreme conditions for the good of the community, we strive to be there and ready.